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Directional Survey Information

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Directional Survey Information includes summary data for all releasable wellbores and detail data in both fixed and comma delimited formats. Query capability is available to order a customized CD/DVD download of required digital data submissions, as well as scanned image formats. Scanned images of public copies are available individually for viewing online.

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Please read our disclaimer prior to downloading files. For additional information, visit FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about importing files. For a complete record layout and associated data definitions click on the File Name of interest.
  • All surveys are referenced to grid north in the native map projection of the block containing the surface location of the survey. For some old surveys the north reference was not marked and was assumed by BOEM to be grid north.
  • In an effort to improve the quality of our downloadable data, we are now exporting bottom hole locations as calculated from the directional survey associated with the well.
  • The GOM coordinate values were derived using the North American Datum (NAD) 1927.
  • BSEE transitioned to a PPDM data model for directional survey storage and management on July 25-26, 2020, and the Directional Survey (Azimuth) file LAST_UPDATE column was refreshed to reflect this change. Calculated values are derived by minimum curvature method and differences in data over previous versions of the Directional Survey (Azimuth) file may be observed.

File Name 
Last Updated 
Directional Survey (Points) 7/14/2024 7:37:15 AM Fixed Delimit All releasable directional survey points based on release flags
Directional Survey (Azimuth) 7/14/2024 7:45:58 AM Fixed Delimit All releasable directional survey points based on release flags. This download includes azimuth in 0-360 degrees instead of quadrants and the latitude/longitude of each point.
Directional Survey Points (Master API List) 7/14/2024 7:32:02 AM Fixed Delimit API list of all wells with releasable directional survey points.