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data last updated: 06-11-2024 07:53 AM(CST)
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Pages(1-27) 754324003GC944G35417 G36060 G36061 G36309 G36657 G36658 Gulf of Mexico6/11/20245415414 Pages(1-27)
Pages(1-24) 754324002MC509G35970 G35972 G35973 G35975 G36250 Gulf of Mexico6/11/20244667355 Pages(1-24)
Pages(1-1) 754322004MC589G35979 G36132 Gulf of Mexico6/11/2024187348 Pages(1-1)
Pages(1-1) 754397010VK823G10942 G16549 Gulf of Mexico6/11/2024198428 Pages(1-1)
Pages(1-1) 754318001KC875G21444 G21447 G26771 G32654MIOCENE PLOCENEGulf of Mexico6/11/2024256613 Pages(1-1)
Pages(1-1) 891012333SP065G01610 G01901 G01966 G01967G-2/G-3 RES AGulf of Mexico6/11/2024180734 Pages(1-1)
Pages(1-1) 891012332SP065G01610 G01901 G01966 G01967G-G1 RES A SDGulf of Mexico6/11/2024194184 Pages(1-1)
Pages(1-1) 891012327SP065G01610 G01966 G01967G-1 RES B SDGulf of Mexico6/11/2024165018 Pages(1-1)
Pages(1-1) 754323001WR024G35011 G35012 G35013 G35068 G37014 Gulf of Mexico6/11/2024201964 Pages(1-1)
Pages(1-1) 754317003MC525G31507 G31513 G33161 G33163 Gulf of Mexico6/11/2024141860 Pages(1-1)
Pages(1-1) 754320003EW305G07917 G35292 G36365 Gulf of Mexico6/11/2024161588 Pages(1-1)
Pages(1-1) 754389008SP093G01619 G01620X20/P3/Y/Y80Gulf of Mexico2/20/2024195662 Pages(1-1)
Pages(1-1) 754323004MC629G36134 G36399 Gulf of Mexico2/20/2024189146 Pages(1-1)
Pages(1-1) 754323002WR275G34638 G34639 G35896 G35897 Gulf of Mexico2/20/2024172462 Pages(1-1)
Pages(1-1) 754310006MC502G24084 G25098 Gulf of Mexico2/20/2024182286 Pages(1-1)
Pages(1-3) 754398003MC777G09866 G09867 G09868 G14657 G14658 G19997 Gulf of Mexico2/20/2024613784 Pages(1-3)
Pages(1-1) 754396015EW910G13079 G13081 Gulf of Mexico2/20/2024161957 Pages(1-1)
Pages(1-1) 754395014GC158G07995 G07998 Gulf of Mexico2/20/2024157192 Pages(1-1)
Pages(1-1) 754312007MC940G16661 G22919 G22920 G31534 Gulf of Mexico2/20/2024213691 Pages(1-1)
Pages(1-1) 754318002GC040G34536 G34878 G34879 G34966 Gulf of Mexico2/20/2024126714 Pages(1-1)
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