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The Office of Technical Data Management (TDM) in the Gulf of Mexico Region is responsible for receipt, inventory, and processing of certain well data required under 30 CFR 250.461, 468, and 469.  The TDM staff load these well data items into the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement BSEE corporate database (TIMS) as well as validate locational information for wells.

You may report problems you encounter with Gulf of Mexico Region data contained in the TIMS database by sending us an email to  However, note that the BSEE gateway is not encryption-protected at this time, and therefore do not include proprietary information in your message.  When contacting us please include information for TDM to reach you including your name, phone number (with area code), and your E-mail address so that we may contact you regarding the data problems you forward to us.

When reporting data problems please include the following information where applicable:

      API Number

Enter the 12-digit API number, no dashes or hyphens, (as it is currently logged in TIMS) for the respective problem being entered. If you believe your data contains an erroneous API number, enter the API number appearing on the data (eg., in TIMS or well logs) and then enter the API number you believe to be correct. Similarly, if you believe you've encountered a 70-series wellbore (a wellbore not assigned an API number in TIMS), describe your problem with your suggestions for correct API numbering.

      Bottom Area, Block, Lease

Enter the bottomhole map area, block, and lease where appropriate for the problem you identify. If you believe one or all of the categories is in error as it currently appears in TIMS or well records.

      Problem Description

Describe the problem as best you can including all appropriate information and your suggestion for resolution to assist the TDM to resolve the matter.  Include identifying information such as lease operator, well names, etc. pertinent to the issue being submitted.  Remember to provide your name and contact phone number and email address in your correspondence so that a TDM representative can contact you to discuss data problems.

Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement

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