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Field Definitions for Lease Data

Field Definitions for Lease Data

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1 7 Lease Number Lease Number - The number assigned to a lease by the regulatory agency having jurisdiction over mineral activity in the territory where the lease is located.
8 8 Filler Filler
16 1 Serial Type Code Serial Type Code -Indicates the reason that a serial number is issued.
017 7 Sale Number Sale Number -The number designation assigned by the Minerals Management Service to specifically identify an Outer Continental Shelf lease sale.
024 4 Filler Filler
028 8 Lease Expected Expiration Date Lease Expected Expiration Date - YYYYMMDD - The anticipated day, month, and year on which the lease is scheduled to expire.
036 5 API State County Code API State County Code - A five-digit number identifier assigned to offshore Federal water areas, as recommended by API. This code becomes a part of the API well number.
041 10 Tract Number Tract Number - A number to uniquely identify the block(s) offered for a lease in an Outer Continental Lease sale assigned by the Minerals Management Service.
051 8 Lease Effective Date Lease Effective Date - YYYYMMDD - The date a lease becomes operative as assigned by the Mineral Management Service.
059 2 Primary Term Primary Term - The initial period (in years) of a lease.
061 8 Lease Expiration Date Lease Expiration Date - YYYYMMDD - The date a lease expires, is relinquished or terminated.
069 5 Bid System Code Bid System Code - Indicates the method by which royalties are determined for a lease or potential lease.
074 10 Royalty Rate Royalty Rate - Specified minimum annual royalty required from the leasehold.
084 3 Filler Filler
087 14 Initial Area Initial Area - The original surface area of a leasehold, unit, etc.
101 14 Current Area Current Area - The current total surface area of a leasehold including any assingnments or changes thereto.
115 8 Rent per Unit Rent Per Unit - The rent per unit of area payable by the lessee on the first day of each lease year prior to discovery of minerals in paying quantity, on the leasehold.
123 13 Bid Amount Bid Amount - A timely, sealed submittal to a mineral owner offering a monetary consideration for a specific property during a lease sale.
136 13 Bid per Unit Bid per Unit - The dollar amount of the bid received for a tract divided by the areal amount of the tract.
149 1 Filler Filler
150 5 Block Low Water Depth Block Low Water Depth - The point of the lowest (or minimum) vertical distance from mean sea level to the sea floor for a block.
155 5 Block Max Water Depth Block Max Water Depth - The point of the highest (or maximum) vertical distance from mean sea level to the sea floor for a block.
160 1 System Measure Flag System Measure Flag - A-Acres H-Hectares.
161 3 MMS Planning Area Code MMS Planning Area Code - Indicates an Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) group of offshore blocks that considered an entity for administrative planning purposes.
164 2 Filler Filler
166 2 District Code District Code - An indicator assigned to a sub-office of an Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) regional office which has delegated authority for field operations activities including: permitting wells, inspections, drilling, and production operations.
168 3 Filler Filler
171 6 Lease Status Code Lease Status Code Identifies the development stage of the lease as assigned by the Minerals Management Service's Office of Leasing and Environment.
177 8 Lease Status Effective Date Lease Status Effective Date - YYYYMMDD - The date that the development stage of a lease becomes operative.
185 8 Suspension Expiration Date Suspension Expiration Date - YYYYMMDD - The day, month, and year that a lease suspension of production or suspension of operations expires.
193 1 Suspension Type Code Suspension Type Code - Indicates whether the lease is help by a suspension of production or suspension of operations.
194 6 Well Name Well Name - The name assigned to the well. It may be a special name or the name of the property to which the well belogs.
200 1 Qualifying Well Types Qualifying Well Types - Indicates the type of well that is determined to be producible under Title 30 CFR 250.11, and therefore qualifies a lease as producible.
201 8 Lease Qualifying Date Lease Qualifying Date - The day, month, and year that a lease is determined capable of production in paying quantities as established by the Minerals Management Service.
209 3 Discovery Type Code Discovery Type Code - Indicates the type of mineral deposit discovered on a lease.
212 1 Field Discovery Code Field Discovery Code - Y - a new field is discovered
- N - an extension of an existing field.
213 3 Distance to Shore Distance to Shore - The approximate distance to the nearest coastline. The nearest coastline may be an island or a point on the U. S. Shoreline.
216 1 Filler Filler
217 3 Number of Platforms Number of Platforms - Number of platforms located on a lease.
220 8 Platform Approval Date Platform Approval Date - YYYYMMDD - The date the first platform is approved by the Minerals Management Service for a lease.
228 8 First Platform Set Date First Platform Set Date - YYYYMMDD - The date that the first platform on a lease was installed.
236 2 Lease Section Code Lease Section Code - An indicator of the type of section (according to the OCS Lands Act) of federally administered portions of an OCS lease.
238 4 Postal State Code Postal State Code - Indicates the postal code for a single state that borders on the 8G line.
If Postal State Code is null Section State Code is placed in this location.
Section State Code - Indicates the two states associated with the section of the OCS Lands Act under which the lease was issued. (Two states bordering the 8G line.)
242 12 Lease Section Area Lease Section Area - The suface area of the federally administered portion of an OCS lease which has been designated as containing areas other than current or previous federal area.
254 7 Protraction Number Protraction Number - The identifier of an official protraction, which can be one of two types as utilized by the Minerals Management Service (MMS): an official Protraction Diagram (OPD) or Leasing Map.
261 8 Filler Filler
269 8 Suspension Effective Date Suspension Effective Date - YYYYMMDD - The day, month, and year that a suspension of production or suspension of operations holding a lease becomes operataive.
277 8 First Production Date First Production Date - YYYYMMDD - The date a lease is first placed on continuous extraction of solid minerals or flow of fluid minerals that is primarily for sale rather than for testing.
285 4 Filler Filler
289 2 Area Code Area Code - The designated abbreviation assigned to Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) geographical units for identification purposes and for use on maps and in databases.
291 2 Filler Filler
293 6 Block Number Block Number - Identifies a subdivision of an Official Protraction Diagram.
299 2 Filler Filler

* This column is valid for fixed dump only.