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Field Definitions for Lease List

Field Definitions for Lease List

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1 7 Lease Number Lease Number -The number assigned to a lease by the regulatory agency have jurisdiction over mineral activity in the territory where the lease is located.
8 2 District Code District Code - An indicator assigned to a sub-office of an Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) regional office which has delegated authority for field operations activities including: permitting wells, inspections, drilling, and production operations.
010 1 Appeal Flag Appeal Flag -An indicator ('A') of whether the unit is under some type of appeal.
011 1 Pending Pending -P in this column indicates pending action on the lease.
012 4 Mineral Type Code Mineral Type Code - Indicates the type of mineral for which a lease is issued or a sale is held.
016 8 Area Block Area Block - A cancatenation of two fields: Area Code - The designated abbreviaation assigned to Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) geoographical units for identification purposes and for use on maps and in databases. Block Number -Identifies a subdivision of an Official Protraction Diagram
024 1 C Multi Partial C Multi Partial - P indicates the lease covers only a portion of the block. M indicates the lease is in more thatn one block.
025 6 Lease Status Code Lease Status Code - Identifies the development stage of the lease as assigned by the Minerals Management Service's Office of Leasing and Environment.
031 10 CF Status Date CF Status Date (MM/DD/YYYYformat) - The date upon which the status (development stage) of a lease changes.
041 1 C Order 4 DET C Order 4 DET - This is a flag based on the API Well Number. If the API Well Number in the Operation Info table is null, the flag is set to blank; if not null, the flag is set to 'Y'. Indicates well is capable of producing.
042 1 CF Status Flag CF Status Flag - If the status date has changed since the previous run dateof the lease list, this field will be'X', otherwise it will be null.
043 50 CP Desig OP Num CP DESIG OP NUM - This field is derived from the Operator Number field and shows the current operator(s). If there is more than one operator, the operator numbers are concatenated and separated by a slash ('/').
OPERATOR NUMBER - A five-character field between '00000' and '99999' identifying the operator using the MMS COMPANY Number for that company.
MMS COMPANY NUMBER -The number assigned by the Minerals Management Service to a business entity, individual, or agency with whom MMS does business or exchanges information.
* This column is valid for fixed dump only.