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Field Definitions for VELOCITYTEST

Field Definitions for VELOCITYTEST

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1 7 BOTM LEASE BOTM_LEASE_NUM -The number assigned to the lease that contains the bottom location of a well.
8 5 Well WELL_NAME - The name assigned to the well. It may be a special name or the name of the property to which the well belongs.
13 12 api API_WELL_NUMBER - A unique well identification number consisting of (from left to right) a two digit state code (or pseudo for Offshore), a three digit county code (or pseudo for Offshore), a five digit unique well code, and if applicable, a two digit sidetrack code as defined in API Bulletin D12A.
25 10 Survey Date SURVEY_DATE -The date a survey is conducted on a well.
35 18 One Way Vertical Time VELOCITY_TIME -The one-way travel time corresponding to a particular point on the velocity survey.
53 17 Subsea Depth VELOCITY_DEPTH -The depth corresponding to the time for a particular point of the velocity survey.
70 250 Remark REMARK -An explanation, comment, or definition associated with an individual record.