Deepwater Natural Gas and Oil Qualified Field Definitions

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Deepwater Natural Gas and Oil Qualified Field Definitions

Field Name 
Data Type 
Field Length 
FLD_NICK_NAME VARCHAR245An administrative name used in industry to describe a block, tract, or potential field in order to maintain confidentiality.
LEASE_NUMBER VARCHAR221 The number assigned to a lease by the regulatory agency having jurisdiction over mineral activity in the territory where the lease is located.
AREA_CODE VARCHAR26The designated abbreviation assigned to Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) geographical units for identification purposes and for use on maps and in data bases.
BLOCK_NUMBER VARCHAR218Identifies a subdivision of an Official Protraction Diagram.
FLD_AVG_WTR_DPTH NUMBER22The water depth for a specific field is the average water depth for all wells drilled in that field.
BUS_ASC_NAME VARCHAR2300The name of a **business associate**.
FIELD_NAME_CODE VARCHAR224Name of the field in which the well is located.
FLD_DISCVR_DATE DATE7The date that total depth was reached in the first well that penetrated hydrocarbons in a specific geographical location, or field.
FLD_FIRST_PROD DATE7The date any amount of hydrocarbon production is first reported for a specific field.
LEASE_QLFY_DATE DATE7The day, month, and year that a lease is determined capable of production in paying quantities as established by the Minerals Management Service.
FIRST_PROD_DATE DATE7The date a lease is first placed on continuous extraction of solid minerals or flow of fluid minerals that is primarily for sales rather than for testing.
FLD_LSE_EXPIR_DT DATE7The year and month a lease is no longer associated with a field.

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