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You can now request these same well files, well logs, and well data as a free download through the File Request System. The Disc Media Store will be removed at some point in the future.

Welcome to the Disc Media Store. Please browse our items for sale and feel secure to make purchases over our SSL credit card processing system.

This system can be used to purchase publicly releasable well log images and well data files. Well Log images are delivered as TIFF images. Well data files are delivered in several format types.

We currently sell Custom Media Sets and Premade Media Sets in CD, DVD, and Blu-ray format. Custom Media Sets can contain both well logs and Public Information Data Files. Each custom CD costs $15.00 and holds a maximum of 700 megabytes of data. Each custom DVD costs $30.00 and holds a maximum of 4300 megabytes of data. Each custom Blu-ray costs $200.00 and holds a maximum of 50 gigabytes of data. The Premade Media Sets are priced according to content.

Custom set total costs are calculated based on the total size of the set, the media type chosen, and the corresponding number of discs required to produce the set. This pre-production disc count is an estimate and may vary slightly from the final produced disc count due to invalid file sizes or changes in availability.

Using the menu icons above you can search on our products and check the status of any orders you've placed.

In order to make purchases from the Disc Media Store, your web browser must support 128-bit SSL encryption. If your web browser does not support 128-bit encryption please download a more recent version.

If there are any problems with your order including mistaken charges, not receiving the correct items, or a delay in receiving your items, feel free to submit a request for refund or reshipment through the Refund/Reship Request form.

If you have any questions using the Disc Media Store, please view the DMS Video Tutorial.