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Scanned Units Query
data last updated: 05-10-2018 08:23 AM(CST)
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Unit Number
Unit Name
OCS Number(s)
Reservoir Name
Imported Date(Descending)
File Size (bytes)
891008850MP299G01313 G01315 G01316 G01317 5/10/20185351059 Pages(1-19)
891008850MP299G01313 G01315 G01316 G01317 5/10/2018115427 Pages(1-1)
754308011GC683G16783 G18421 G24179 G24184 5/10/2018292400 Pages(1-2)
754308011GC683G16783 G18421 G24179 G24184 5/10/2018222500 Pages(1-1)
754315001KC872G25806 G25813 G25814 G25815 G25823 G32650 5/10/2018227617 Pages(1-1)
754300007MP059G03194 G084616050 RES C SD5/10/2018204429 Pages(1-1)
891008813EI231G00977 G00979 G00980 5/10/2018118912 Pages(1-1)
891003915SBM00164 00165 00166 00369 00370 00386 00387 00390 00391 00392 00595 00685 5/10/2018331645 Pages(1-2)
754306008GC640G16759 G16760 G16770 G20082 5/10/2018468678 Pages(1-3)
754398003MC777G09866 G09867 G09868 G12168 G14656 G14657 G14658 G19997 5/10/2018478255 Pages(1-3)
754315010MP270G22812 G33690 5/10/2018104092 Pages(1-1)
754314005GC807G25198 G25199 G31751 G31752 G31757 G31758 5/10/20181299102 Pages(1-8)
754316003MC812G34458 G34460 G34461 5/10/2018218554 Pages(1-1)
754312006MC300G22865 G22868 G24064 G24069 G24074 5/10/2018163404 Pages(1-1)
891003847MP04000373 00374 00375 00377 00378 00379 G01295 G01297 G01312 G01367 G01369 G01372 G01373 G01452 5/10/2018252815 Pages(1-1)
754389014VK912G06889 G06892 G06893 G06896 G08474 G08475 G08784 G09749F SAND5/10/2018158596 Pages(1-1)
754389014VK912G06889 G06892 G06893 G06896 G08474 G08475 G08784 G09749 5/10/2018165851 Pages(1-1)
891011684WD03000367 G01067 G01332H3 RES A SD5/10/2018271468 Pages(1-2)
891011684WD03000367 G01067 G01332H2 RES C SD5/10/2018265184 Pages(1-2)
891011736WD03000367 G01067 G01332I RES A SD5/10/2018274697 Pages(1-2)
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