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data last updated: 12-20-2018 01:57 PM(CST)
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Unit Number
Unit Name
OCS Number(s)
Reservoir Name
Imported Date(Descending)
File Size (bytes)
Pages(1-1) 754393006VR371G09522 G09524 G10687 Gulf of Mexico12/20/2018191814 Pages(1-1)
Pages(1-2) 754394013VK252G10926 G10929 G10930 G10931 G10932 G10933 G10934 G13980 G13981 G13982 G13983 G13984 Gulf of Mexico12/20/2018293603 Pages(1-2)
Pages(1-1) 754393016GC244G05916 G11043 G12209 G12210 Gulf of Mexico12/20/2018132268 Pages(1-1)
Pages(1-4) 754315005EW834G27982 G33140 G33177 G33707 G35805 Gulf of Mexico12/20/2018811372 Pages(1-4)
Pages(1-9) 754315005EW834G27982 G33140 G33177 G33707 G35805 Gulf of Mexico12/20/20181821465 Pages(1-9)
Pages(1-1) 754315009VK959G27247 G27249 G34874 Gulf of Mexico12/20/2018170314 Pages(1-1)
Pages(1-3) 754312006MC300G22865 G22868 G24064 G24069 G24074 Gulf of Mexico12/20/2018519911 Pages(1-3)
Pages(1-21) 754318002GC040G34536 G34537 G34878 G34879 G34880 G34966 Gulf of Mexico10/5/20184759840 Pages(1-21)
Pages(1-1) 754308011GC683G16783 G18421 G24179 G24184 Gulf of Mexico10/5/2018209850 Pages(1-1)
Pages(1-1) 754316003MC812G34458 G34460 G34461 Gulf of Mexico10/5/2018107228 Pages(1-1)
Pages(1-1) 754300002GC563G11075 G16753 G21801 G21807 Gulf of Mexico10/5/2018129014 Pages(1-1)
Pages(1-1) 754314003WR051G25232 G28148 G31938 Gulf of Mexico10/5/2018115454 Pages(1-1)
Pages(1-1) 754316002MC698G28021 G28022 G32343 Gulf of Mexico10/5/2018125772 Pages(1-1)
Pages(1-1) 754316004GB959G30869 G30870 G30876 G32460 Gulf of Mexico10/5/2018105892 Pages(1-1)
Pages(1-1) 891016931MC194G02638 G02639 G02642 G02643 Gulf of Mexico10/5/2018118894 Pages(1-1)
Pages(1-1) 754313005MC948G24133 G24134 G28030 G32363 Gulf of Mexico10/5/2018206375 Pages(1-1)
Pages(1-1) 754393018VK817G09743 G10939 G10940 G10945 G13063 Gulf of Mexico10/5/2018133448 Pages(1-1)
Pages(1-1) 754311003MC387G22873 G22877 Gulf of Mexico10/5/2018151704 Pages(1-1)
Pages(1-1) 891020235MC280G03205 G03605 G03818 G03820 Gulf of Mexico10/5/2018123702 Pages(1-1)
Pages(1-1) 754389014VK912G06889 G06892 G06893 G06896 G08474 G08475 G08784 G09749 Gulf of Mexico7/19/2018182092 Pages(1-1)
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