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Scanned Units Query
data last updated: 06-13-2022 01:22 PM(CST)
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Unit Number
Unit Name
OCS Number(s)
Reservoir Name
Imported Date(Descending)
File Size (bytes)
Pages(1-20) 754321002MC081G35308 G35311 G35312 G35313 Gulf of Mexico4/13/20224441749 Pages(1-20)
Pages(1-21) 754322001MC943G24130 G34467 G35990 Gulf of Mexico4/13/20224475450 Pages(1-21)
Pages(1-1) 891008813EI231G00977 G00979 G00980 Gulf of Mexico4/13/2022174470 Pages(1-1)
Pages(1-1) 754394018SP060G01608 G01609 G01611 G01612 G02137 G02938 G02942 G02943 G03337 Gulf of Mexico4/13/2022213050 Pages(1-1)
Pages(1-1) 754304002GB668G17406 G17407 G17408 Gulf of Mexico4/13/2022188375 Pages(1-1)
Pages(1-1) 754307017WC096G09387 G23740 Gulf of Mexico4/13/2022217317 Pages(1-1)
Pages(1-1) 754397010VK823G10942 G13673 G16549 Gulf of Mexico4/13/2022204967 Pages(1-1)
Pages(1-2) 754313005MC948G24133 G24134 G28030 G32363 Gulf of Mexico4/13/2022386164 Pages(1-2)
Pages(1-1) 754397014EB643G09183 G09184 G21374 Gulf of Mexico4/13/2022203109 Pages(1-1)
Pages(1-1) 754307007MC696G16641 G21182 Gulf of Mexico4/13/2022158710 Pages(1-1)
Pages(1-1) 891006669ST13500461 00462 00463 00464 00465 00498 Gulf of Mexico4/13/2022238177 Pages(1-1)
Pages(1-2) 754315001KC872G25806 G25813 G25814 G25815 G25823 G32650 Gulf of Mexico4/13/2022500981 Pages(1-2)
Pages(1-2) 754308007WR627G20351 G20361 G20362 G25251 G25258 Gulf of Mexico4/13/2022279737 Pages(1-2)
Pages(1-1) 754314001BS025G31442 S19718CRIS I SAND, RAGulf of Mexico4/13/2022173119 Pages(1-1)
Pages(1-2) 754304002GB668G17406 G17407 G17408 Gulf of Mexico3/28/202254859 Pages(1-2)
Pages(1-3) 754391010GB259G07461 G07462 G09216 G14224 Gulf of Mexico3/28/202280476 Pages(1-3)
Pages(1-27) 754308011GC683G16783 G18421 G24179 G24184 Gulf of Mexico3/28/2022969297 Pages(1-27)
Pages(1-22) 754308006VK519G25034 G25062 G25063 G25064 G25065 G26162 G27238 G27978 Gulf of Mexico3/28/2022812785 Pages(1-22)
Pages(1-24) 754308010WR316G20315 G25242 G25246 G25247 G25249 Gulf of Mexico3/28/20221021185 Pages(1-24)
Pages(1-21) 754308009WR543G20331 G20341 G31968 G32695 G32697 Gulf of Mexico3/28/2022785855 Pages(1-21)
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