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data last updated: 03-01-2021 10:31 AM(CST)
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Unit Number
Unit Name
OCS Number(s)
Reservoir Name
Imported Date(Descending)
File Size (bytes)
Pages(1-1) 754308001AC857G17561 G17565 G17570 G17571 G20862 G20870 G24593 Gulf of Mexico3/1/2021142256 Pages(1-1)
Pages(1-1) 754315010MP270G22812 G33690 Gulf of Mexico3/1/2021136146 Pages(1-1)
Pages(1-2) 754315005EW834G27982 G33140 G33177 G33707 G35805 Gulf of Mexico3/1/2021498567 Pages(1-2)
Pages(1-2) 754316003MC812G34458 G34460 G34461 Gulf of Mexico3/1/2021356737 Pages(1-2)
Pages(1-1) 754395006SS349G12008 G12010 Gulf of Mexico3/1/2021168733 Pages(1-1)
Pages(1-1) 754399007GB783G11573 G11574 Gulf of Mexico3/1/2021120121 Pages(1-1)
Pages(1-1) 891016933EI330G02116 G02613I-3 RES C SDGulf of Mexico3/1/2021184317 Pages(1-1)
Pages(1-1) 891016932EI330G02116 G02613I-1 RES C SDGulf of Mexico3/1/2021181990 Pages(1-1)
Pages(1-1) 754390012MP259G07826 G07827 G07828 G07898 Gulf of Mexico3/1/2021195481 Pages(1-1)
Pages(1-1) 754320001GB913G34527 G34528 G36426 Gulf of Mexico3/1/2021165329 Pages(1-1)
Pages(1-26) 891020241SP049G02176 G02177 G02939D-70/BUL-1 SDGulf of Mexico3/1/20214450534 Pages(1-26)
Pages(1-10) 754398016GC826G09981 G09982 G15609 G15610 G15611 G16786 G16787 G28100 G33855 G33859 Gulf of Mexico3/1/20212274198 Pages(1-10)
Pages(1-5) 754306003MC725G16636 G18272 G21776 G22897 G22898 G24101 G24102 G35106 Gulf of Mexico3/1/2021863699 Pages(1-5)
Pages(1-1) 754393016GC244G05916 G11043 G12209 G12210 Gulf of Mexico3/1/2021276493 Pages(1-1)
Pages(1-1) 754306008GC640G16759 G16760 G16770 G16776 G20082 Gulf of Mexico3/1/2021172861 Pages(1-1)
Pages(1-1) 754320003EW305G07917 G35292 G36365 Gulf of Mexico3/1/2021202450 Pages(1-1)
Pages(1-1) 754314003WR051G25232 G28148 G31938 Gulf of Mexico3/1/2021172478 Pages(1-1)
Pages(1-1) 754392008EC331/332G08658 G09478 Gulf of Mexico3/1/2021193965 Pages(1-1)
Pages(1-2) 754315009VK959G27247 G27249 G34874 Gulf of Mexico3/1/2021370148 Pages(1-2)
Pages(1-2) 754308001AC857G17561 G17565 G17570 G17571 G20862 G20870 G24593 Gulf of Mexico3/1/2021563651 Pages(1-2)
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