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Scanned Units Query
data last updated: 07-19-2018 08:43 AM(CST)
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Unit Number
Unit Name
OCS Number(s)
Reservoir Name
Imported Date(Descending)
File Size (bytes)
754389014VK912G06889 G06892 G06893 G06896 G08474 G08475 G08784 G09749F SAND7/19/2018178097 Pages(1-1)
754389014VK912G06889 G06892 G06893 G06896 G08474 G08475 G08784 G09749 7/19/2018182092 Pages(1-1)
754310009BM00200369 00390 S01366 S193238200 RFX7/19/2018160852 Pages(1-1)
754307005BM00200369 00370 S013673600 RES D SD7/19/2018132567 Pages(1-1)
891016941EI330G02111 G02116L RES G SD7/19/2018799203 Pages(1-31)
754390004MP064/065G04909 G056927300' SD7/19/201888738 Pages(1-1)
754394004MO869G05067 G06848 7/19/201889668 Pages(1-1)
754308007WR627G20351 G20361 G20362 G25251 G25258 7/19/2018108894 Pages(1-1)
754315005EW834G27982 G33140 G33177 G33707 7/19/2018127967 Pages(1-1)
754306006WR508G17001 G17004 G17006 G17007 G18730 G18731 G18737 G21861 G21862 G26409 G32690 7/19/2018969806 Pages(1-5)
754307017WC096G09387 G23740 7/19/2018187339 Pages(1-1)
754394004MO869G05067 G06848 7/19/2018213654 Pages(1-1)
754308001AC857G17561 G17565 G17570 G17571 G20862 G20870 G24593 7/19/201882358 Pages(1-1)
754318001KC875G21444 G21447 G26771 G32654 7/19/20185335679 Pages(1-25)
891006669ST13500461 00462 00463 00464 00465 00498 7/19/2018228467 Pages(1-1)
754313005MC948G24133 G24134 G28030 G32363 7/19/2018134342 Pages(1-1)
754317001SE039G27778 G27779 G27780 G34012 G34013 7/19/2018104443 Pages(1-1)
891008850MP299G01313 G01315 G01316 G01317 5/10/20185351059 Pages(1-19)
891008850MP299G01313 G01315 G01316 G01317 5/10/2018115427 Pages(1-1)
754308011GC683G16783 G18421 G24179 G24184 5/10/2018292400 Pages(1-2)
Page 1 of 57 (1130 items)Prev[1]234567555657Next v

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