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data last updated: 03-07-2023 07:18 AM(CST)
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Unit Number
Unit Name
OCS Number(s)
Reservoir Name
Imported Date(Descending)
File Size (bytes)
Pages(1-22) 754323004MC629G36134 G36399 Gulf of Mexico3/7/20234496462 Pages(1-22)
Pages(1-4) 754307006AC859G19409 G20871 G31194 G31195 G32988 G35153WM12Gulf of Mexico3/7/2023715227 Pages(1-4)
Pages(1-4) 754307006AC859G19409 G20871 G31194 G31195 G32988 G35153FR12/FR14Gulf of Mexico3/7/2023713899 Pages(1-4)
Pages(1-1) 754390004MP064/065G04909 G056927300' SDGulf of Mexico3/7/2023146948 Pages(1-1)
Pages(1-1) 891002021CATCO 00126 00127 00128 00129 00130 00132 00133 00134 00135 00136 00177 00178 00613 Gulf of Mexico3/7/2023376606 Pages(1-1)
Pages(1-1) 754322001MC943G24130 G34467 G35990 Gulf of Mexico3/7/2023196459 Pages(1-1)
Pages(1-1) 891002454WD/GI 00131 00174 00175 00176 00179 00180 00181 00182 00838 Gulf of Mexico3/7/2023268867 Pages(1-1)
Pages(1-1) 754300002GC563G11075 G11076 G16753 G16763 G21801 G21807 G27359 Gulf of Mexico3/7/2023178099 Pages(1-1)
Pages(1-1) 754321002MC081G35308 G35311 G35312 G35313 Gulf of Mexico3/7/2023165275 Pages(1-1)
Pages(1-21) 754323001WR024G35011 G35012 G35013 G35068 G37014 Gulf of Mexico3/7/20234524448 Pages(1-21)
Pages(1-1) 891020244MP310G03339 G04126 G04253 Gulf of Mexico3/7/2023208576 Pages(1-1)
Pages(1-21) 754322006AC691G34770 G34771 G34776 G34777 G36105 Gulf of Mexico3/7/20234664737 Pages(1-21)
Pages(1-21) 754323003EB699G35907 G36191 G36715 G36716 Gulf of Mexico3/7/20234830768 Pages(1-21)
Pages(1-21) 754322004MC589G35979 G36132 Gulf of Mexico12/15/20224522534 Pages(1-21)
Pages(1-3) 754311007GC859G23001 G24194 G24197 G26346 G26355 Gulf of Mexico12/15/2022494463 Pages(1-3)
Pages(1-1) 754320001GB913G34527 G34528 G36426 Gulf of Mexico12/15/2022183225 Pages(1-1)
Pages(1-1) 754393016GC244G05916 G11043 G12209 G12210 Gulf of Mexico12/15/2022230302 Pages(1-1)
Pages(1-1) 754316002MC698G28021 G28022 G32343 Gulf of Mexico12/15/2022228405 Pages(1-1)
Pages(1-1) 754399006GC065G05889 G05900 G14668 Gulf of Mexico12/15/2022246562 Pages(1-1)
Pages(1-1) 754306008GC640G16759 G16760 G16770 G16776 G20082 Gulf of Mexico12/15/2022202202 Pages(1-1)
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