API List Well Completions Field Definitions

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API List Well Completions Field Definitions

Field Name 
Data Type 
Field Length 
API_WELL_NUMBER VARCHAR236 A unique well identification number consisting of (from left to right) a two digit state code (or pseudo for Offshore), a three digit county code (or pseudo for Offshore), a five digit unique well code, and if applicable, a two digit sidetrack code as defined in API Bulletin D12A.
COMPLETION_DATE DATE7The date on which the installation of permanent equipment is completed (for production of oil and gas) as reported to the district office.
PROD_INTERVAL_CD VARCHAR29Indicates the number of tubing strings and the producing or injection interval of the well.
COMP_STATUS_CD VARCHAR29Indicates the latest status of a completion.
SQUEEZED_DATE DATE7The date a completion is permanently cemented or isolated.
LEASE_NUMBER VARCHAR221 The number assigned to a lease by the regulatory agency having jurisdiction over mineral activity in the territory where the lease is located.
COMP_UNIT_CODE VARCHAR23Indicates whether well completions are producing from unitized resevoirs.
UNIT_NUMBER VARCHAR236The API code and number found on the pipeline to identify a particular pipeline segment.

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