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Login Page

Why do customers have to login? The reason for the login page is so that a customer's saved CDs/DVDs and previous orders are username/password protected. The customer can only view what he/she previously ordered and the customer can only alter his/her saved CDs/DVDs.

Well Log Query

The Well Log Query Page is where a customer can choose well logs by querying the well log database for a subset of all the well logs. This subset can be restricted by the Area, Block, Well, Lease, API, Log ID, Well Name, Well Name Suffix, BLI(Bottom Level Interval), TLI(Top Level Interval), Run Date, Released Date, or a combination of any of these. The results will be displayed in a table where the customer can choose to add specific well logs to a custom log CD or DVD by clicking the checkboxes in the "Add to Media?" column on the particular rows which their desired logs are on. The customer can then select the "Add to Media" button to add their desired logs to the currently loaded CD/DVD into the current CD/DVD in the
Media Builder. The Clear button clears all of the "Add to Media" checkboxes on the current page.

Media Builder

The Media Builder is designed to provide a mechanism for a customer to build a custom CD/DVD which can hold up to 680 MB of files if CD and 4300 MB of files if DVD. In order to add these files, a customer must Submit a query on the Well Log Query page or PI Files Query page. The customer can then page through the records returned by the queries and select which files he/she would like to place on the Media. Since one CD/DVD might be able to hold 500 files and the process of selecting these files can be time consuming, the Media Builder allows a customer to save his/her CD/DVD so that he/she can quit building a CD/DVD and come back in the future and continue where he/she left off. If a customer decides to save a CD/DVD, he/she is required to login. To load a CD/DVD that has been saved, a customer needs to click on the Load button. This will take him to the
Media Manager where he/she can choose which CD or DVD to load. When saving, it is a good idea to name your CD/DVD by entering text into the Volume textbox. What the customer chooses as his volume name is what will be burned on the CD/DVD as its volume name.

Media Manager

The Media Manager is designed so that a customer can manage a list of custom CDs/DVDs. There are cases where this is necessary. If a customer wants to purchase two or more different custom CDs/DVDs on one purchase order, he/she might need to go back and forth from one CD/DVD to another CD/DVD to place the logs on their CDs/DVDs in a particular order. By using the Media Manager a customer can save a CD/DVD then load another CD/DVD then go back to the first CD/DVD. Also, a customer needs a way to save CDs/DVDs so that if they need to quit building their CD/DVD and they already have chosen a bunch of logs, they don't need to go through the arduous task of choosing these logs again. It is very important that a customer remembers his\her username and password. You cannot retrieve your previous work without the proper username and password.

Session Timeout

Each customer that visits the online ordering system is issued a session. This session records the state of each customer as he/she moves from one web page to the next. If a customer is inactive for 30 minutes, he/she will lose her state information. What is his/her state information? A customer's state information includes his/her shopping cart contents, his/her custom CD/DVD, provided he/she has not saved it in the
Media Builder, his/her query results from both the WellList Page and the Public Information Files Page.

Credit Card Form

Once you decide to purchase the items in your shopping cart you will be asked to submit shipping and billing information. Upon submission the information will be displayed for you to preview. If all information is correct, hitting "Ready to Pay" and then "Next" will take you to the credit card information form. If this form does not display it is most likely due to the fact that your browser does not support 128-bit encryption. Please upgrade your browser to its most recent version. Once your credit card is processed hitting the "Finish" button will finish your order and automatically send an email to you with your order information.

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