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Exploration and Development Plans Information
data last updated: 04-15-2024 12:00 AM(CST)

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Plan Information

Plan Control Code 
Plan Control Number Ascending
Operator Number 
Operator Name 
Plan Type 
Received Date 
Plan Coordinator 
Due Date 
R730503026Talos Energy Ventures, LLCDOCD2/22/2024NK 

Lease Information

Bottom Lease Number Ascending
Bottom Area Code 
Bottom Block Number 
Surface Lease Number 
Surface Area Code 
Surface Block Number 
   G07995GC 158
G07995GC 158G07995GC 158
G07998GC 202G07995GC 158


Submission Type Ascending
Submission Date 
Deemed Submitted Date 
NEPA Determination Type 
Final Action Code 
Final Action Date 
A3/13/2024 CERA  

Plan Sites

Plan Site Type 
Plan Site Name Ascending
Surf E W Dist 
Surf E W Code 
Surf N S Dist 
Surf N S Code 
Surf Area Code 
Surf Block Num 
Surf Prot Num 
Surf Lease Num 
Surf Proj Zone 
Surf X Coord Loc 
Surf Y Coord Loc 
Surf Latitude 
Surf Longitude 
Botm Lease Num 
Botm Area Code 
Botm Block Num 
Water Depth 
Site Cancel Dt 
WELLA0016858E3615SGC 158NG15-03G079951524008221009369527.79519734-90.6475916G07995GC 1582985 
WELLA0026893E3645SGC 158NG15-03G079951524007871009372527.79528166-90.64769803G07995GC 1582985 
WELLA0036871E3606SGC 158NG15-03G079951524008091009368627.79517328-90.64763232G07998GC 2022985 
WELLA0046879E3652SGC 158NG15-03G079951524008011009373227.79530017-90.64765433G07998GC 2022985 
WELLA0056859E3584SGC 158NG15-03G079951524008211009366427.79511216-90.64759653G07995GC 1582985 
WELLA0066867E3631SGC 158NG15-03G079951524008131009371127.7952418-90.64761848G07995GC 1582985 
WELLA0076845E3593SGC 158NG15-03G079951524008351009367327.79513616-90.64755271G07998GC 2022985 
WELLA0086882E3624SGC 158NG15-03G079951524007981009370427.79522334-90.64766526G07998GC 2022985 
STRUCTUREA-BRUTUS6842E3630SGC 158NG15-03G079951524008381009371027.79523773-90.64754125   2900 

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